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If you are looking for an expert with whom you can have an educated discussion regarding your will, you can come to us. At Wills Plus, we are specialists who can address your doubts and legal concerns in the comfort of your own home. We can help you draft a will as per the legal framework.

With our help, you can be confident that the document will be interpreted as per your specific instructions and requirements. We also prepare the documents acceptable for the probate courts and provide you with copies of the will.


We also advise clients with regard to establishing Trusts. We help you set up and create a financial pool which can then be utilised to promote the causes and objective that you have in mind.

Plan and save on your taxes

Are you concerned about the inheritance taxes that your legal beneficiaries will need to pay? You can come to us for expert advice on how to save on inheritance tax. We can create a hassle free transaction experience, all within the purview of the available legal framework.

- Home Visits
- Will Storage (At no extra cost)
- Will Execution
- Inheritance Tax Planning
- Preparing Trusts

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